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Alice Springs Telegraph Station & Trail Station Café

Located within the Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve, we are the birthplace of the iconic outback township of Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia.

The Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve is situated 4 km north of the Alice Springs town Centre along Herbert Heritage Drive off the Stuart Highway, or a short walk or cycle along the sealed path following the Todd River (known as the Riverside Walk),  making this premier destination an accessible, great value and must see hotspot to add to your list of things to do while visiting Alice Springs

ASP Trail Station - 2403

Telegraph Station Alice Springs showcasing beautifully restored buildings dating back to the 1870’s


The Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve marks the original site of the first European settlement in Alice Springs. It was established in 1871 to relay messages between Darwin and Adelaide and linking with an underwater cable network to London – England, creating the first real communication between Australia and England.

A visit to the Trail Station Cafe, the gateway to the Alice Springs Telegraph Station, offers visitors a wide range of activities to undertake and enjoy. Starting off with a visit into the Telegraph Station Heritage precinct this will set the scene for visitors and take them back in time to the early settlement of the region.  Time your visit to coincide with our regular guided tours (that run every day and are included in the price of your precinct entry).  Visitors can then relax with a coffee, snack or light lunch from our Café and make the most of our free Wi-Fi.

There are options for a variety of signed walks to explore the local area on foot or the option of hiring an Outback Cycling Mountain Bike to head off on 2 wheels around the Alice Springs Mountain bike trails located within the Telegraph Station reserve.


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